Wash Wizards

$ 49.99
$ 24.99

You can finally do laundry without throwing away your hard-earned money with each load. It’s super easy to use, chemical & toxin-free, eco-friendly and lasts 1500 Washes!

This 'Breakthrough Invention' deep cleans & disinfects your clothes without breaking the bank. The secret to this Wash Wizards Orb is that it uses bio-ceramic technology to wash your clothes hundreds of times.

Stop being frustrated by wasting money every month on laundry. Wash Wizards is the cheapest & natural way to cleanse your clothes! (For just a few pennies a load)

Simply throw the Wash Wizards Orb in your washer, choose your wash setting and enjoy your fresh clothes.


  • Chemical & Toxin Free - Detergents from the grocery store are filled with countless chemicals. Take a look at the label on yours, you might see things like 1.4 Dioxane, Petroleum distillates & propylene glycol. Wash Wizards was carefully crafted from the start to exclusively use bio-ceramics naturally raise the pH level of water to disinfect your clothes.
  • Budget-Friendly - Best of all, you won’t be paying tons of money just to get clean clothes. Wash Wizards could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Wash Wizards is your all-in-one solution to fresh clothes.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin - You may not even realize the chemicals inside your detergent can irritate & agitate skin. Making you uncomfortable the entire day you are wearing your clothes.Wash Wizards organic properties ensure your skin will be free from the annoying agitation.
  • Preserves Your Clothes - Detergents & other chemicals solutions break down the colors & brightness of clothes. Leaving you with fading clothes & sending you back to the store to revamp your wardrobe.Wash Wizards “bio-ceramic” cleansing deep cleans & disinfects clothes without color & brightness loss. Making sure your clothes stay looking stunning & vibrant.And don’t worry: Wash Wizards will deep clean & disinfect for years to come (1000 washes) without any refilling.