USB Home Humidifier

$ 59.99
$ 34.99

Needs a humidifier that easily is carried for travel, tabletop & car console? This USB Home Humidifier has LED colorful lights, continuous spray and intermittent spray.


  • Beautiful Appearance: Small and exquisite, no space occupied, used in the car, comfortable to enjoy the amount of water vapor fog, into the water mist forest, refreshing.
  • Fine Atomization: Deep moisturizing,easily penetrate the skin surface to the basal layer, keeping the cells fully hydrated.
  • Colorful Breathing Lamp: Bring colorful night lights to help you and your lover sleep peacefully at night.
  • Visible Water Tank: Transparent visible water tank, at any time to grasp the surplus water, water ahead of time, moisture worry.
  • More Detailed Design: Non-slip bottom; Easy disassembly, USB universal interface; Smooth switch control seven colored lights, etc.


  • Spray operation: power on, click the button to start continuous spray mode; Click again to start intermittent spray mode (spray for 3 seconds and stop for 3 seconds), and click the button for the third time to turn off all spray modes. (repeat)
  • Operation of LED seven colored lights: long press 1.5 seconds to turn on LED seven colored lights; Long press 1.5 seconds again to turn on colorful atmosphere lamp; Press the button a third time to turn off the lights. (repeat)
  • Anti-dry burning: continuous spray timing 4 hours automatic power off: intermittent spray timing 8 hours automatic power off: restart to continue using.