Premium Anti-theft Laptop USB Backpack

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There are so many reasons why you should get an anti-theft backpack. One example of it is when traveling in public transit in New York or London, or overnight trains from Lisbon to Madrid, can be a little bit stressful but having an anti-theft backpack will allow you to sleep peacefully while you hook your backpack to a secured/stationary spot. No other backpacks can give you an assurance and convenience like these anti-theft backpacks.


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Why Premium Anti-theft Laptop USB Backpack?
Premium Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack With USB Port is made up of sturdy and durable materials, which safeguards your valuables which makes it impossible for thieves to steal from the bags. Made with quick access side open laptop compartment design which enables to get laptop directly in public without showing your personal items, more convenient and privacy for you. Handpicked quality zipper to prevent unwelcome thieves to your laptop when you carry your backpack behind. Also, a convenient USB port design for easy charging of your devices. A must-have backpack!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is it lightweight? Can I use it for school?
Answer: Yes, it is lightweight. It won’t add to the weight of school supplies and won’t leave you fatigued. You can absolutely use it for school, anywhere you like.

Question: Does it have a charger?
Answer: No, it doesn’t. You need to put your Portable Charger into backpack and connect internal USB charging cable, then let your charging cable insert external USB charging port to connect your electronic device. Easy access and convenient to charge anywhere.

Question: Is this backpack suitable for people of all ages?
Answer: This backpack is good for people of all ages, as someone in middle school, and high school, as well as it does for college. And perfect for college school, business, trips, hiking, camping, office work and everyday using.

Question: Is the laptop compartment padded?
Answer: Yes, it is. To ensure safety of your laptop or tablet.

Question: Can this bag comfortably fit a 15inch laptop?
Answer: Yes, of course! It can fit up to 15 inch laptop comfortably.

Question: Why is it called anti-theft backpack?
Answer: Because it has a pocket with zipper located on back of the backpack to store passports, currency, and any valuable items. When worn, the pocket is directly on your back, keeping important items close.

Question: Is this bag water resistant?
Answer: Yes, it is. It is made of high quality water resistant material for your convenience.

Question: Will the charging hole for the backpack get damaged from the rain?
Answer: No, it won’t but if it’s upside down, it probably will.

Question: Does this backpack come with luggage strap?
Answer: Yes, it has luggage strap.

Question: Can I use it as an office bag?
Answer: Definitely! All-in-one backpack for all.


“Very impressed with this backpack. The side loading laptop compartment is really nice, it even has a shock absorbed sewed in on the bottom. Main compartment has a ton of pockets of different shapes and sizes and the lining is high quality. 

The pocket on the back fits my wallet and passports. Material does seem to be water resistant as water just beads up like shown in the picture but I probably would not carry this in heavy rain. Overall this is a very well thought-out bag that will hopefully get many years of use.”
- Loki

“So I've been looking for a sleek urban commuter's backpack that can fit my laptops and books and the bunch of random crap I always seem to have lying around in the deep dark abyss that is my purse. Well this backpack fits the bill. At first I was a bit hesitant to buy it because it seemed to be made for men, but I was like whatever I’m a strong independent woman who can use and wear whatever I want. But hey it works and it's beautiful and it fits everything without making me look like a turtle.”
- Iris Wu