Multi-Angle Measurement Ruler

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Product Description

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The ultimate template tool for builders, craftsmen, weekend warriors and DIY-ers alike!

Do you enjoy DIY projects but having difficulties with measuring irregular objects or any difficult to measure areas? Multi-Angle Measurement Ruler has got you covered!

The usage of our Multi-Angle Measurement Ruler is to measure any area from any angle that would help you create an instant template for marking precise cuts as it perfectly corresponds to shape and holds its pattern.

This tool works very well in carpentry, bricks, tiles, wood, glass, stone, construction and engineering projects, and many more! Great for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, etc. A multi-angle ruler for all!


  • First, place the tool on any surface and set the four rules to the desired shape.

  • Then tighten the high-quality metal screws to secure their angle and use this desired angle as a reusable template for endless applications.
  • After completing the project, loosen the screws and place the ruler in your toolbox.



No need to do what you love to do with all the hassle and effort requiring you to do a new sample for each job or measure again and create the same angles over and over again.

Our Multi-Angle Measurement Ruler will help you to increase speed and improve the quality of your work and at the same time Multi-Angle Measurement Ruler saves you both time and effort. Our convenient locking mechanism makes it easy to trace repetitive patterns and enables one-handed operation. It is necessary instrument for Handymen, Carpenters, Roofers, DIY-ers, Builders, Craftsmen and Tilers.


Question: May I need a special tool to loosen and tighten the bolts?
Answer: No, it is very easy to loosen or tighten with just by your finger.

Question: Are the numbers etched or printed on this tool?
Answer: It comes with laser etched numbers.

Question: Does this measuring tool rust easily?
Answer: No, it doesn’t! It is made of high quality aluminum alloy that does not rust easily for longer usage.

Question: What kind of project can you do with this?
Answer: It is very helpful with any project you can imagine

Question: Are the screws made of plastic?
Answer: No, it is made of metal.

Question: Is it easy to use?
Answer: Yes, of course! Just insert the screw, place the gasket, align another side, place the other gasket, glide short arms to form desired angle, and tighten screws and stencil your marking. As easy as that!

Question: Is this ruler heavy to use?
Answer: No, it is not. It made out of durable lightweight materials for your convenience.

Question: Can it measure accurately on softer surfaces such as stretched canvass?
Answer: Yes, of course! We can’t think of any reason why not.

Question: Is it solid metal or pressed metal?
Answer: Is it pressed metal.

Question: Can this be used to measure or mark trim for around doors?
Answer: Yes, it is designed to do that.


“Remodeling my current home and helping a friend with theirs - handiest tool I have in my tool box.

Worked fantastic when we worked on flooring and expect it will be great with the deck too!”
- Richard J.

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“Whether u r a Craftsman, wood worker, tiler and all flooring professionals - especially wood or laminate, carpenter, this tool is for you. It makes lite of the hardest of jobs and the customer service is A +.”
- Max H.


🔥96% Customers Buy 2 or More to Save🔥