Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

$ 69.99
$ 39.99

Create a Zen garden atmosphere with our splendid and mesmerizing backflow Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder!

Incense has been traditionally used for over centuries in a variety of meditation practices to calm the state of mind. The relaxing aroma of the incense is said to uplift the spirit and other that that, it is said to purify the air and boost your immunity. Our Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder will help you create a tranquil atmosphere wherever you want! The mesmerizing smoke falls downwards creating a relaxing waterfall effect. 


  • GREAT FEATURES | EFFECTIVE FUNCTION: Set-up a mysterious atmosphere. The smoke steam down like a waterfall and the cone incense burner surrounded by smoke, looks wonderful and mysterious. Feels and smells like fresh air, can help you have a good sleep, calms your emotions, relieves anxiety, relieves fatigue, and many more.
  • VERSATILE | WIDELY USED: Used in various spaces such as but not limited to the office, yoga area, living room, bedroom, tea room, temple, and so on. Creating a pleasant, relaxing, and vibrant atmosphere. It can also work as a decoration even without the incense.
  • EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder is made of ceramic and created by skilled craftsmen in traditional style with fine handcrafts. Because it is hand crafted, it signifies that each piece is unique, so yours is one of a kind.
  • UNIQUE & CREATIVE DESIGN: Creative ceramic reverse-flow incense burner, left and right blade interleaving design. Not only breaking a single feeling but also making smoke, connecting left and right, increasing the sense of hierarchy. Small and delicate, exquisite design, suitable for decoration.