Lazy Phone & Tablet Bracket

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WHY DO I NEED THIS?Having a phone & tablet bracket helps to free your hands and reduce neck strain, helpful tool for holding your phone beside sofa, bed, desk or workout equipment while you are watching movies, enjoying music or playing games. Makes videos, Face Time, and reading so much easier.


Step 1: Remove the nut from the clamp
Step 2: Push the ball joint into the clamp
Step 3: Twist the net firmly
Step 4: Turn the pedestal into a desk and so on, and screw it back



It is an all-in-one phone & tablet bracket for all. It can be used as phone stand holder, tablet stand holder, or even selfie stand. You can firmly clamp it in the chair, tablet, desk, wall cabinet, and bed headboard, portable and removable, you can do anything with it at anywhere you go. Release your hands with comfortable feeling when you are viewing phone, watch movies, enjoy music and play phone games in outdoor or indoor, home bedroom, bicycle, car, kitchen, gym, office, exhibition and more.


Question: Can it hold a camera that’s over 2inches thick?
Answer: Unfortunately, Lazy Phone & Tablet Bracket is designed for holding cellphones and tables as of the moment. It is not suggested to hold a camera.

Question: Is the 360 degrees swivel ball and socket made of plastic?
Answer: Yes, it is. It has holds up very well.

Question: How long is its arm in inches?
Answer: The arm length of this bracket is 26 inches in total

Question: How far can the clamp open up?
Answer: The clamp can be adjusted to 3”. You won’t need a tool when installing this.

Question: Does it easily move vertically and horizontally?
Answer: Yes! It moves in both directions pretty easily. There are three tightening screws you will be able to use once you find your sweet spot for your device!

Question: Can it be rotated to face down for recording overhead shots?
Answer: Yes, this holder can rotate to record video from an overhead view.

Question: How wide does it open up to fit phones and tablets?
Answer: This holder fits for 4"-12.9" phone and tablets.

Question: Can you take one of the arms off?
Answer: No, the arms are fixed. Besides there is no reason to take this apart, it is so flexible you should be able to adjust it to your needs.


“This thing is awesome! Been using it every day for 3 weeks and it is SO MUCH BETTER as far as stability and longevity. It is firmly constructed and really has no weak points. 

It has nice rubber pads but I have to tighten mine very tight since it is clipping on to 1 mm thick metal frame and the pads don't and could not touch regardless of design. This one is longer than the others I saw and has an extra segment and two axis which really helps position it well.” – Luke

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“I am very pleased with my purchase. The item is smaller than the pictures make it look, but I think the seller did that in the pictures 

so you could see the product easier. Even though, I am happy with my purchase and would buy another. All features work well and very solid.”
– Bunny

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