DX800 Knee Massager

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Say good bye to knee pain with a professional relaxing massage from the DX800 Knee Massager

Are you suffering from joint pains in your knee and you don’t have the slightest clue how to relieve them? It’s high time you tried joint physiotherapy massage!

This DX800 Knee Heating Massager is the perfect relief for aching or injured knees. The built-in vibration massage gently releases tension from joints and muscles, while the fixed heating pad relieves muscle spasms and promotes local metabolism to speed up healing.

 magnetic therapy knee massager


  • PAIN RELIEF: Helps reduce swellingstiffness, and pain caused by arthritisinjuries, and other conditions. Built-in motor vibration massager relieves tension in tendons and muscles.

  • THERAPY: Promotes local metabolism and circulation, relieves muscle spasmsreduces inflammation and increases blood stasis absorption. The Electric Knee Massager utilizes heat therapy and vibrating massage.

  • MASSAGE: Built-in motor vibration massager, relieves tension in tendons and muscles.

  • ELECTRIC: Developed for best results, the Electric Knee Massager comes with an adjustable temperature in 3 modes.

  • SMART: Besides all of the benefits you get from the Electric Knee Massager, you will also be able to have control over the time settings for your massager, having available 3 time settings for your massage options.

 magnetic knee brace massager



  • Treats stiffnesstightnessmobility issuesproblems sitting and/or standing
  • Pain during walking, climbing stairs, or normal joint movement.
  • Pain at the joint during climate change or cloudy weather (during low-pressure times).
  • Treats frequent discomfort at the joint or lack of flexibility 
  • Treats swollen joints and tightness and stiffness after moderate activity.

 heating leg knee massager


  1. Wear the product on the knee (you can wear one only if you need).
  2. Connect the cable between the right and left knee.
  3. Connect the power cable with the right knee wrap massager.
  4. Power the Knee Massager on.
  5. Press the "Time" button to turn on the device, then press "Time" to adjust the time for working (10/20/30 Minutes).
  6. Knee pads will automatically select the high heat mode, and automatic timing 10 minutes, according to the need you can change.
  7. Press "Vibration" button to turn on/off the vibration massage function.
  8. Press "Heat" button to choose High/Middle/Low temperature.
  9. Long press the "Time" button to turn off the device.

 knee massager heating benefits


The package includes a massager for both knees

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